Jeff Dunham without puppets Achmed the Dead Terrorist

Jeff: How do you spell your name?
Achmed: Oh, let’s see, uh, A… C… phlegm… [audience laughs] Silence! I keel you!
Jeff: So Achmed, if you’re a terrorist, I’d suppose you have some sort of speciality.
Achmed: Yes, I am a suicide bomber.
Jeff: Ah. So, you’re finished.
Achmed: What?
Jeff: You’ve done your job.
Achmed: No, I haven’t.
Jeff: But you’re dead.
Achmed: No I’m not. I feel fine!
Jeff: But you’re all bone.
Achmed: It’s a flesh wound! (Audience laughs) SILENCE! I KEEL YOU!

Coleman Cox
thank you for watching me do stuff!!!!!!!

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